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Cushing, OK, Oil Storage Hub
Dylan White and David Arno, Oil Market Analysts
February 02, 2018
Current inventories at the Cushing, OK, storage hub have fallen more than 27mn bbls since the beginning of November, dropping to the lowest level since January 2015, according to Genscape’s Cushing Crude Oil Storage report. Steady declines have been driven by incoming pipeline outages hampering supply...
oil production
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
January 19, 2018
The January 18 release of OPEC’s January Oil Market Report (“OMR”) confirmed Genscape’s High Frequency Oil Production Monitor’s detected December oil production from Libya, which was posted on January 6. After adjusting for known weather effects, Genscape detected 977kbpd of oil...
oil production
Amanda Fairfax Dirkes, Oil Refinery Analyst & Suzanne Danforth, Downstream Prod Development Director
January 18, 2018
Below-freezing temperatures swept across Texas and Louisiana the evening of January 16 and into January 17, causing several disruptions as refineries and local infrastructure contended with the frigid conditions. The effects of these conditions had a greater impact on refinery operations compared to the...
natural gas storage
Eric Fell, Senior NatGas Analyst and Hannah Burk, Director of Proprietary NatGas Products
January 18, 2018
Genscape is thrilled to announce that its lead Forward Supply & Demand analyst, Eric Fell, was named 2017’s "Most Accurate Natural Gas Storage Forecaster in The Land" by The Desk, a publication of Scudder Publishing Group. Eric has been involved in the energy markets for over 15 years,...
oil pipeline
Ryan Saxton, Oil Transportation Manager and Jodi Quinnell, Oil Product Manager
January 17, 2018
With additional Permian-outbound pipeline capacity announced seemingly every month, it is worth exploring each artery out of the production region. Knowing the capacities of outbound pipelines isn't enough information to grasp a true sense of what's going on in the Permian and where bottlenecks might...
Coal Fired Power Plant
Gabor Csanak, Product Specialist, Genscape
January 16, 2018
Power plant managers are continuously looking for ways to increase earnings by optimising plant operations. In order to do so they provide ancillary services, follow re-dispatch instructions, or generate power for the wholesale market. It can be challenging to recognise such products and services behind...
african oil storage tanks
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
January 12, 2018
Following the 2016 Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cut, Angola agreed to cut 78kbpd by 2017 to remain compliant with the OPEC policy. However, throughout 2017, Angolan production was between 24kbpd and 34kbpd (depending on the data source) lower than its ‘quota.’ This...
oil tanks
Dylan White, David Arno, Suzanne Danforth and Jodi Quinnell, Genscape Oil
January 12, 2018
The oil industry was as thrilled as anyone to see the ferocious 2017 hurricane season come to an end. Though the reprieve was short-lived, as the U.S. ushered in the New Year by being battered with extreme winter weather. Freezing temperatures caused production shut-ins in the Permian and Bakken regions...
soybean field
June Dempsey, Analyst, Agriculture & Biofuels
January 11, 2018
Genscape currently has a significant independent monitoring presence in all six of the National Oilseed Processors Association’s (NOPA) reporting regions. Current crushing margins stand at greater than $1 per bushel, which is the strongest for 18 months according to the CME Group, and has...
Frozen Natural Gas Pipeline
Joseph Bernardi, Nicole McMurrer, Rick Margolin, and Allison Hurley, Genscape Natural Gas
January 09, 2018
Widespread winter weather over the past two weeks has led to new records on both the production and the consumption sides of North American natural gas. In addition to the well-documented Northeast price blowouts brought on by the "bomb cyclone," the rapidly intensifying storm that pummeled...