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Unparalleled insight and transparency into the global oil supply chain

As oil is one of the world’s most traded commodities, it is essential for market participants to have transparency into the global oil supply chain, including the evolving production, transportation, storage, and refining landscape. The backbone of Genscape’s oil market services is proprietary and patented monitoring technology that allows for unbiased, measured market data and analysis. A team of in-house market experts and analysts use a combination of public and proprietary data to deliver valuable, actionable insights to a broad range of participants in this crucial market.

Patented, proprietary technologies collect fundamental data

Infrared cameras measure crude oil and product storage levels Using a combination of infrared diagnostics, electromagnetic frequency monitors, high resolution aerial photography, and near-earth satellite imagery, Genscape has set the standard for accuracy in advance notice of important changes in oil market fundamentals. Genscape’s U.S. storage data is released in advance of EIA reports, providing a solid indicator of upcoming market reactions.

In an effort to shed light on the changing global oil supply chain, Genscape’s products and services follow the supply lifecycle from forecasted production to transportation on rail, pipeline, and ships, to its delivery at key refineries or storage facilities. Monitoring coverage includes production and production capacity, storage inventory levels and capacity, and transportation flows. This fundamental data removes much of the opacity inherent in a market that otherwise must rely on speculation, estimates, or delayed public data.

Granular data and analysis at your fingertips

Genscape users select the data or market analysis that will give them the competitive advantage they seek, with options for granular data delivery, flexible real-time online dashboards, and detailed PDF reports. Subscribers have access to the analysts behind the reports and are encouraged to ask questions and interact with Genscape’s team of experts. Genscape Monday vs. EIA Wednesday Cushing Storage (4-Week Rolling)

Improve decision making and identify new trading opportunities

Armed with information about where supply, demand, and ultimately price will likely move, a range of different market participants, such as traders, analysts, marketers, and portfolio managers from financial institutions, hedge funds, E&Ps, midstream and downstream companies, consultancies, government agencies and others, utilize Genscape’s oil services to enhance accuracy of in-house analytics, improve decision making for capital investments, identify new trading opportunities, and increase operational efficiency.

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"CFTC knows of no other resource with pipeline information as detailed as that offered by Genscape. Without the information from Genscape’s databases, CFTC’s economists would be forced to rely on reports and stories from the news media for non-detailed reports of events and opinions, with no visibility into specific flows, storage inventory, etc."

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)