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Daily natural gas nominations for U.S. ethanol facilities and weekly ethanol inventory measurements for the U.S. Gulf Coast, New York Harbor, and Chicago

Gain timely and accurate insight into the state of U.S. ethanol inventory and production

Equipped with current inventory levels at a key U.S. storage hub and visibility into the operational status of individual plants, market participants can gain a more complete understanding of the U.S. ethanol supply chain to make more informed and strategic decisions. Using proprietary monitoring technology, Genscape provides weekly measurements of inventory levels at the U.S. Gulf Coast, New York Harbor, and Chicago as well as daily gas nomination data for ethanol facilities.

Ethanol Production Monitor

Ethanol Production Monitor Provides Daily Gas NominationsThis report allows ethanol plants, marketers, traders, buyers, transportation suppliers, and risk managers to gain visibility into the operational characteristics of individual ethanol plants. Genscape uses proprietary monitoring on 15 and counting of the nation’s largest ethanol plants, tracking production changes in near real-time. Additionally, more than 90 plants are monitored using access to day-ahead natural gas nomination schedules. Clients receive shut-down alerts for the plants with proprietary monitoring, daily natural gas nominations, and a complete histories of both datasets.

U.S. Gulf Coast Ethanol Inventory Report

Genscape's U.S. Gulf Coast Ethanol Inventory Report provides unmatched coverage into PADD 3 storage capacity measurements. Genscape measures 11 ethanol storage terminals in the U.S. Gulf Coast area, comprising of more than 4.7 million barrels of storage capacity. This coverage includes more than 71 tanks and tank-level detail which helps subscribers differentiate between tanks used for ongoing blending operations and tanks used for more strategic storage positions.  

New York Harbor Ethanol Inventory Report

Genscape uses proprietary monitoring technology to measure ethanol inventory tank levels at New York Harbor on weekly basis. Clients receive emailed PDF reports and granular data, delivered 1 day before EIA data, detailing inventory levels by terminal and owner for 40 ethanol tanks at this key hub.

Chicago Ethanol Inventory Report

Using proprietary methodologies, Genscape measures three major ethanol storage terminals in the Chicago area, including Kinder Morgan Argo, Buckeye Argo, and Kinder Morgan Stony Island, for over 930,000 barrels of ethanol storage capacity. Get the most up-to-date, granular ethanol storage data available for this key storage area, ahead of the EIA.

Ethanol Exports Monitor

Genscape's Ethanol Exports Monitor combines proprietary ethanol storage information with location data for vessels that are believed to be purposed for export. This includes granular storage insight for five Gulf Coast ethanol storage terminals and infrared imagery from weekly flyover and daily drive-bys. The monitor also provides both Genscape Vesseltracker AIS data and events data to share an accurate picture of vessel arrivals.


Delivery: emailed XML and CSV files and PDF

Frequency: Daily and weekly

Locations: North America

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