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Increase facility market credibility & visibility in the rapidly expanding Low Carbon Fuel Standard credit marketplace

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Genscape has expanded its comprehensive suite of QAP services to now include Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) facility monitoring and reporting services. In combination with our EPA approved QAP services or as a standalone service with low-touch, high-tech monitoring options, LCFS credit generators can achieve increased market credibility and visibility with regulated parties. Genscape QAP verified facilities benefit from being displayed on the Biofuels Industry Dashboard for obligated and regulated parties actively seeking to minimize risks associated with trading in the market. Biofuels Dashboard Screenshot

Add-on services are available upon request to help streamline compliance. These additional services include document template guidance, fuel physical pathway demonstration assistance, ethanol supply chain inventory reporting, and marine vessel tracking.


Delivery: Online dashboard and onsite services

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: North America

RIN Integrity Network Expert Consultation

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Services of the LCFS credit facility audit and reporting services include: 

  • Annual and quarterly LRT-CBTS credit generation report preparation and review
  • On-demand CARB LCFS and EPA RFS2 regulation compliance assistance
  • Ongoing verification of facility inputs/outputs for proper designation of eligible feedstocks, renewable fuel volumes, transporation, and downstream use of fuel(s) imported into California
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 pathway re-certification services including facility reporting requirement preparation for submission to CARB
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Benefits of the LCFS credit facility audit and reporting services:

  • Prevention of "audit fatigue" by consolidating multiple audits into a single site visit by combining LCFS and QAP services
  • Low-touch, high-tech remote monitoring solutions for increased operational efficiency through ongoing facility data collection
  • Increased credibility and visibility within the RFS2 and LCFS credit market through Genscape's Biofuels Industry Dashboard
  • Access to International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Land Use Tool for indirect use change (iLUC) standards and parcel verification