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Gain transparency into the maritime industry with timely vessel tracking, customizable data & predictive analytic services

Genscape's maritime services meet a range of needs for traders, analysts, shippers, maritime service companies, and other market participants

Genscape Maritime, powered by the industry leading Vesseltracker™ AIS network, delivers exceptional transparency and insight into global vessel movements and activities, providing the market with an unrivaled understanding of the global commodity supply chain.

Processing over 500 million AIS messages every day, more than any other AIS provider, Genscape tracks in excess of 144,000 vessels in near-real time daily, with over 98 percent of the data originating from our privately-owned and operated terrestrial AIS antenna network.

Genscape’s partnership with the leading satellite AIS provider, ORBCOMM, as well as a comprehensive master database of vessels, ports, and routings, help complete the picture of the global merchant fleet.

Comprehensive vessel tracking data and tools on one user-friendly platform

Genscape Vesseltracker’s highly interactive online platform is an intuitive tool that allows maritime operations professionals, fleet owners, and financial institutions to visualize the most comprehensive, timely global shipping data available. 

Genscape Vesseltracker Cockpit Tool

Data feeds give customers flexible data delivery options to fit their needs

With adaptable, dynamic service offerings, Genscape Maritime tailors data solutions to meet individual needs and workflows, providing customers with the  insights they need to make better, faster, more informed business decisions.

Fully customizable data sets available via download or API allow customers to integrate vessel positions, port and berth information, vessel characteristics, routes and distances, and weather into internal models.

With more than five years of historical data and timely updates on vessel destinations, route changes, and ETAs, customers are easily able to identify market trends and anomalies, making decisions with increased confidence.

Big data analytics distill data into distinct vessel events

Genscape Maritime’s Events Engine analytics suite leverages data from Genscape’s industry-leading terrestrial and satellite AIS networks to process and convert raw data into actionable intelligence and information for various commodities, including LNG, bunker fuel, coal, and oil.

Using a combination of big data analytics and machine learning, Genscape aggregates AIS data in new ways, providing traders, analysts, and suppliers with never-before-seen transparency into the global movement of commodities.

Highly-accurate customized analytics derived from the most accurate, complete maritime voyage data available 

Through the detailed analysis of AIS position data captured by Vesseltracker’s network, Genscape Maritime can create unique insights into voyage performance with a granularity previously unavailable. Presenting the data in an easy-to-interpret format, we provide customers with insights into even minor variations in voyage activity, including speed, location, and environment.

"Having been a user of a number of other AIS providers in the past, our decision to partner ourselves with Genscape Vesseltracker is firmly based on our confidence in their superior AIS data and the excellent Customer Service and Technical Support that the Genscape VesselTracker team provide to us. In our experience, Genscape VesselTracker has always provided high quality, reliable data, when and where we need it."

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