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Daily regional breakdown of natural gas supply and demand balances, 3 months ahead of EIA monthlies

The most comprehensive daily natural gas storage estimate providing true insight into national supply & demand

The Natural Gas Daily Forward Macro Supply & Demand Data Report provides gas traders and analysts across the U.S. insight into the national supply and demand by breaking down the market into each consumption sector and sharing production, import and export data in each of the EIA storage regions.

Genscape provides clarity into what the fundamentals are doing on a real-time basis. Genscape’s natural gas analysts derive a highly accurate estimate of EIA weekly storage inventory using a nominated volume gross up and a supply and demand model. The weekly storage number forecast is available every Tuesday at 6am (EST). In addition to daily commentary, clients are provided with a daily excel file with the detailed components and history for use in in-house models. The storage review report is available after EIA announced the weekly storage inventory change on Thursdays.

natural gas storage estimate comparison to the EIA



Delivery: Emailed PDF & Excel files

Frequency: Daily

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

Natural Gas Supply and Demand Report Free Trial

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Natural Gas Daily Macro Supply & Demand Data Report subscriptions include:

  • Granular data, including 15 days of history, delivered daily via Excel
  • Spring Rock Production daily gross up of pipeline production
  • EIA weekly release recap report highlighting the implied fundamental meaning of current week’s EIA release
  • Accurate LNG send out using Genscape’s proprietary monitoring
  • Estimate of power consumption on a national basis derived from Genscape’s Natural Gas power burn model that incorporates Genscape’s Electricity Monitor Data
  • Gross ups for both industrial and residential/ commercial consumption
  • Two week weather-based demand forecast
  • Overview of heating and cooling degree days
On-Demand Access to the Data Powering the Industry's Best Natural Gas Database

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Benefits of the Natural Gas Daily Macro Supply & Demand Data Report include:

  • Easy to read, graphical representation of the data delivered two days before the EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report
  • Excel data file provided for those wanting to input the raw data into their own model
  • Infer U.S. industrial complex growth when you have real time industrial consumption estimates
  • Direct access – email, instant message, phone – to the experienced traders and analysts who create these reports
  • Investment grade analysis provided by former traders and analysts with successful track records at large trading firms