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Receive Genscape estimates of daily production volumes for major value determining assets of 31 E&P companies

Measure company performance against expectations with frequent updates provided by proprietary Genscape analysis and sensors

Using Genscape's patented analytics, "Production by Producer" data provides the daily production estimates for 31 E&P companies for their respective regions. The data shows the strong correlation of the actual company reported net production number versus Genscape’s raw production estimates. Commentary on major changes are also provided each week. This data is sent out once a week on Wednesdays, at 10 am ET.

E&P company valuations are based heavily on whether or not companies can grow in a profitable way. Combining a read of near-real-time production and a detailed quarterly view of company play economics, clients gain insight into both present and future value.

 Historical production by producer data for 31 companies informs investment decisions


Delivery: Email, Excel files, PDFs

Frequency: Weekly & Quarterly

Locations: North America

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Inform Portfolio Management with Real-Time Production Data

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Features of the Equity Production Insight Service:

  • Weekly update of daily estimated gross production of 31 E&P companies, which correlates with company revenues and is otherwise only available quarterly 
    • Genscape's Equity Production Insight is the only service which can provide this data, using Genscape's proprietary oil pipeline and rail terminal monitoring to track operator-level oil production in the Bakken
  • Quarterly production data and guidance updates for more than 100 E&P companies, representing half of the total gas production in the Lower 48 and substantially all publicly traded E&P companies, with historical data since 2006
  • Quarterly breakeven and economics report which covers all active horizontal plays in the Lower 48
  • Quarterly hedging data file that includes a three year outlook for active hedges disclosed in company filings with both options and swaps positions summarized into average hedged price for both oil and gas
  • Capital expenditure vs. production data including available FY capex guidance and associated production guidance of E&P companies, delivered quarterly during earnings season
  • Daily earning call notes during earnings season highlighting key management comments, delivered via email, with a summary of all notes at the end of the season available in an Excel file for easy sorting and filtering
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The only gas production forecast that provides weekly updates & detailed production forecasts for over 50 regions in the Lower 48 & Canada

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Benefits of the Equity Production Insight Service:

  • Gain clarity into individual company’s oil and gas production at play level on a weekly basis to understand the impact on quarterly earnings and production levels
  • Inform investment decisions and risk/reward calculations with granular data and analysis for E&P companies
  • Gain insight into daily oil and gas production at the producer level to inform portfolio management strategies
  • Identify operators with the most advantaged oil and gas assets utilizing our quarterly breakeven and economics report
On-Demand Access to the Data Powering the Industry's Best Natural Gas Database
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Companies tracked include:

1. Cabot Oil & Gas - MarcellusGenscape's Equity Insights Service

2. Chesapeake Energy - Marcellus, Utica, Haynesville, PRB

3. EQT Corporation - Marcellus

4. Southwestern Energy - Marcellus, Fayetteville

5. Range Resources - Marcellus, Utica, Terryville

6. Anadarko Petroleum - Marcellus, DJ Basin

7. Talisman Energy - Marcellus

8. Antero Resources - Marcellus, Utica

9. National Fuel Gas - Marcellus

10. Rice Energy - Marcellus, Utica

11. Hess - Bakken, Utica, GOM

12. Oasis Petroleum - Bakken

13. WPX Energy - Bakken

14. Rex Energy - Marcellus & Utica

15. Gulfport Energy - Utica

16. Continental Resources - Bakken

17. BP – Gulf Of Mexico

18. BHP Billiton - Fayetteville

19. Chevron - Marcellus

20. Consol Energy - Marcellus

21. Ultra Petroleum- Rockies Pinedale

22. Marathon Oil - Bakken

23. EOG Resources - Bakken

​24. Cimerax Energy - Permian

25. Statoil - Bakken

26. Whiting - Bakken

​27. QEP Resources - Pinedale

28. Newfield Exploration - SCOOP/STACK

29. Devon Energy - SCOOP/STACK

30. Ascent Resources - Utica

31. Matador Resources - Permian

    *New companies added on an ongoing basis

    Inform Portfolio Management with Real-Time Production Data
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