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Natural gas notice and maintenance events, complete with analysis and impacted locations, in an easily customized platform

Save time and effort searching EEBs and focus on what matters most to you

Genscape’s Natural Gas Notices and Maintenance tool consolidates hundreds of maintenance and notice events from electronic bulletin boards (EBBs) to help natural gas traders streamline their daily processes and stay informed of major, market-impacting events. Genscape collects notices from over 200 pipelines that are fed into NatGas Portal within minutes of being posted on a pipeline’s website.

These notices, which are difficult to break out into individual events or are often not contained in the notice section of an EBB, are easily accessible through the Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance portal. Genscape’s gas analysts evaluate every aggregate maintenance event and add value by categorizing the events by date, severity and market impact. These events are then delivered via the platform providing the ability to customize the pipelines of interest and download the customized list to various calendars. The platform also houses historical data for use in benchmarking and forecasting.

Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance Platform  Displays Custom Maintenance in Calendar View


Delivery: Web-based interface

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

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A daily regional breakdown of supply & demand balances, 3 months ahead of EIA monthlies

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Genscape's Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance portal features:

  • Comprehensive notices and maintenance information provided in a user friendly, searchable format with the option to save search queries for repeat use
  • Analysts provide maintenance impact assessments in a standardized formation allowing users to search for events most likely to impact their day-to-day operations
  • When possible, Analysts attribute maintenance events to the impacted pipeline locations for faster, more accurate assessment of potential impact
  • Option to have maintenance search results exported to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or iCal
  • User defined alerts with notification via either e-mail or SMS
  • Accessible through the NatGas Portal
NatGas Notices & Maintenance Notices Screenshot
Genscape's Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance platform aggregates notice and maintenance information into one easy customizable tool. Click to enlarge.


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Subscribers to Genscape's Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance portal:

  • Stay ahead of the maintenance and unplanned events in your market by aggregating notice and maintenance information into one easy customizable tool
  • Have less email inbox clutter with an easy online portal
  • Search past maintenance events and then access the fundamental report subscribed to, to verify impacts that similar maintenance events could have in the future
  • Have direct access – email, instant message, phone – to the experienced traders and analysts who maintain the maintenance events

Built by former traders and analysts with successful track records at large trading firms; we provide investment grade analysis