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The market's only real-time source for North American natural gas nomination data

Visualize daily gas markets and quickly explore history

Genscape offers the most comprehensive view of public data, including:

  • Up-to-the-minute informational postings for 200 natural gas pipelines
  • 900+ pipeline updates per day cover up to 48 cycles
  • 20,000+ locations identified by facility type, meter, DRN
  • 4 years of historical scheduled, operational, available, and design capacity
  • Estimated throughput at critical congestion points
  • Pipeline summarized daily deliveries
  • Weather radar maps and forecasts 
Monitor Custom Pipelines in the NatGas RT Dashboard
SOURCE: The Natural Gas Real-Time dashboard can be customized to monitor the pipelines important to you. Real-time alerts, updates and notices appear on the right side. 



Delivery: Web-based map interface

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060


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Genscape's Natural Gas RT clients:

  • Get the earliest view of tomorrow’s gas day 
  • Rapidly access what events are driving the market 
  • Customize alerts, create watch lists, and perform more granular searches 
  • Access links to all pipeline EBB websites 
  • Obtain historical data for charting and export to MS Excel 
  • Get automatic detection and alerting when unusual natgas market patterns appear

Natural Gas Real Time Reports

SOURCE: The Natural Gas Real-Time dashboard provides on-demand, exportable reports based on custom data selections

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Comprehensive data for the analyst who needs to know everything

Expanding upon the high-quality data presented in Natural Gas RT, Genscape's RT Datafeed gives subscribers tick by tick updates for pipeline data. Ideal for natgas analysts searching how gas flow is impacting today’s market. Genscape is the only company providing every cycle for every pipeline as soon as it is available.

Datafeed Features:

  • Operational capacity updates available throughout the day as they happen
  • Available via TIBCO for real-time guaranteed delivery

Datafeed Content Includes:

  • 200 natural gas pipelines capacity postings
  • Cumulative history includes 7 years of data
  • Reference file of all 20,000+ locations updated daily with new receipt and delivery points
  • Every cycle for every location
  • Pipeline locations are attributed with flow types for pipeline supply, demand, and throughput
  • Facility types to show power plants, city gates, end users, gas processing facilities