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Accurate coal burn estimates based on proprietary, real-time coal plant monitoring

Fundamental coal-burn estimates available months before EIA data 

Coal is the one fuel that has lacked timely transparency of market fundamentals. Unlike in the oil and natural gas arenas, coal producers, traders, and users have had to wait months for production, consumption, and stock figures from public information. Genscape’s Weekly Coal Burn Report provides accurate estimates of how much coal was burned in power plants in the U.S. in the past week.

Genscape’s analysis starts with its proprietary real-time data on power plant output levels at our monitored plants. Genscape currently monitors more than 60% of coal fired capacity in the U.S., with coverage of over 150 coal plants over 300 MW in capacity. Combining this proprietary data with publicly available information on historical coal burn, Genscape experts have developed a model that accurately estimates coal burn down to the regional level on a weekly basis, and thus provides clear and up-to-the minute guidance on the fundamentals of the market. This approach yields statistically accurate results when compared to the historic figures.

The Weekly Coal Burn Report also includes commentary and insight from Genscape’s power market analysts. These analysts derive their insights from the daily analysis they prepare for Genscape’s PowerIQ products, in combination with future predictions. With their robust insights into the power market, there is no better team to provide weekly power sector coal burn drivers.

Coal Generation
Graphic represents coal generation (Twh), including Genscape’s predicted coal burn verses the EIA's predicted coal generation for September 2016 to August 2018



Delivery: PDF and CSV files

Frequency: Weekly

Locations: United States

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

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A subscription to the U.S. Coal Burn Report includes: 

  • Option to access data and have direct downloads to Excel via Genscape's Analyst Platform
  • Weekly PDF delivered via email
    • Total consumption estimates
    • Plant-level consumption
    • Regional consumption and weekly and yearly change
    • Expert commentary on coal burn trends
  • Weekly csv files with granular data delivered via email
    • Total mwh consumption or consumption by tons for each monitored plant
    • U.S. regional coal burn estimates
Graphic represents gas generation (Twh), including Genscape’s predicted coal burn verses the EIA's predicted coal generation for September 2016 to August 2018
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Equity traders, gas and coal market analysts, gas and coal traders, coal buyers, and coal marketers need this essential information to:

  • Understand the extent to which natural gas may or may not be displacing coal fired generation
  • Get the best information available to understand coal versus gas switching
  • Get an early read on the drivers of coal and transportation company stocks
  • Adapt coal marketing and buying strategies based on the most recently available information
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