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The most extensive and up-to-date look at the daily status of refinery operations in North America

Achieve a comprehensive view of refinery utilization by product class across the United States and Canada

As North American refiners continue to run at close to maximum utilization rates, the operational health of the refining units becomes increasingly important. A brief upset at a distillation unit or a fluid catalytic cracker on the U.S. East Coast can send gasoline futures prices sharply higher. The immediacy of the effect on market prices means time is of the essence in learning about disruptions, and the startup and shutdown of refinery units.

Refinery Intelligence combines observations obtained from infrared cameras with in-house analytical and technological expertise to provide an unrivaled view into real-time operations at U.S. and Canadian refineries. Genscape currently monitors 87 percent of overall refinery capacity in the United States, including 97 percent of East Coast refineries and 100 percent of the region’s FCC capacity, 93 percent of Midcontinent refineries, 92 percent of Gulf Coast refineries and 74 percent of West US refineries. Coverage in California includes 91 percent overall refining capacity and 100 percent of CARB gasoline-producing FCC capacity.

North American Monitored Refinery Coverage

Operational updates on major refining units are also provided for three facilities in Western Canada as well as two other Canadian refineries. Genscape monitoring covers 66 percent of refining capacity in Alberta, including the Imperial Strathcona and Suncor refineries in Edmonton and the Shell Scotford Upgrader in Fort Saskatchewan. Additional coverage in the region includes Irving’s St. John refinery in New Brunswick and the Imperial and Shell refineries in Sarnia, Ontario.

Planned maintenance at refineries has a profound impact on regional crude demand and refined products supply. As a supplement to the Refinery Intelligence Service, Genscape publishes a monthly North American Refinery Turnaround Schedule. The turnaround schedule provides a forward-looking glimpse at planned maintenance activities at both monitored and unmonitored refineries in North America for the calendar year.

Genscape's monitoring of refinery operations gives customers unique insight into both crude supply, demand, and potential supply of refined products in the United States and Canada.



Delivery: Emailed PDF reports, unit-level data files & access to Genscape's Oil Intelligence dashboard

Frequency: Twice daily reports

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

Refinery Intelligence Report

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Features of the Refinery Intelligence Report:

  • Morning Refinery Intelligence Report: A PDF delivered via email each day at 10AM ET; the report contains detailed information on the status of monitored units at covered refineries in the U.S. and Canada by product class, giving customers insight into the production of light products, middle distillates and heavy products. The report includes detailed commentary on conditions at selected refineries and other market-moving information.
  • Afternoon Refinery Intelligence Report: A PDF delivered via email each day at 2PM ET; this data-only report contains updated information on the status of the monitored units at covered refineries by product class.
  • Access to Genscape's online portal: The portal features detailed information on the status of refineries in each of the geographical regions, including real-time images of operations at the refineries and unit statuses by refinery and by product type.
Refinery images using infrared cameras
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Benefits of the Refinery Intelligence Report:

  • Assess market implications on crude oil demand and supply of refined products in a given region by providing notice of outages of key processing units at refineries
  • Achieve a comprehensive view of refinery utilization by product class across the three most-important geographic regions in the U.S. and Canada
  • Understand market conditions by reading daily commentary featuring unique insight into the crude and refining markets based on Genscape's institutional knowledge of refinery operations
  • Gain insight into real-time supply and demand when you know the intra-day changes in the status of product-specific units at refineries
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