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Real-time, proprietary insight into crude oil flows across the U.S. Gulf Coast region for over 3.6 million bpd of capacity

Real-time flow data and regular intelligence reports of new infrastructure developments in the region

With enormous infrastructure changes underway, the Gulf Coast is now widely recognized as the most important part of the U.S. crude oil market landscape. Genscape’s U.S. Gulf Coast Pipelines Report uses proprietary and patented technology and is unique in providing truly objective pipeline flow information in real-time.

Real-time flow data and accurate information about regional oil infrastructure have become essential for all market participants. With the delivery of this critical insight into flows of oil along the main crude pipelines serving the region, subscribers gain a powerful tool to stay ahead of the competition and make informed, reliable trading decisions. With half-hourly flow updates by pipeline, real-time alerts, and downloadable datasets, this service enables traders, analysts, and other market participants to quickly assess and react to changes in the flow of crude across the Gulf Coast region.

Magellan Longhorn Pipeline


Delivery: Alerts (Email, SMS, or through your ICE IM platform), PDF reports, Genscape’s Oil Intelligence Dashboard

Frequency: Real-time, daily (10:00 am ET), weekly (Mondays, 9:00 am ET)

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call + 1 866 292 8060

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Gain expert insight on U.S. Gulf Coast oil pipelines & storage facilities

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The U.S. Gulf Coast Pipelines Report includes:

  • Insights delivered daily via email and on-demand via the online dashboard
  • Downloadable data with daily to half-hourly detail in Excel or CSV formats
  • Flow measurements by pipeline for over 3.6 million barrels per day of capacity
  • Regular intelligence reporting on construction, maintenance, and operational status of nine key pipelines
  • Real-time email alerts on significant operational flow changes and market events
  • Historical regulatory data on monitored and unmonitored pipelines
Use this daily pipeline data report to estimate changes in storage throughout the week

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U.S. Gulf Coast Pipelines Report subscribers benefit by:

  • Staying ahead by enhancing their own trading and research strategies
  • Developing their own views on crude oil or refined products markets ahead of EIA data releases
  • Comparing flows and evaluating the impact of changes on the entire Gulf Coast region
  • Using daily pipeline data to estimate changes in storage throughout the week
  • Applying Genscape’s granular flow data to feed in-house models
  • Feed internal models with Genscape and regulatory data for more thorough market analysis
  • Access real-time alerts on significant pipelines events through Genscape or your existing ICE IM platform
Visit our Knowledge Center to find information about Genscape's comprehensive USGC coverage

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Click here to download a sample of the U.S. Gulf Coast Pipelines Report

USGC Pipelines Report Sample