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Get a more global picture of flows of key refined products across Europe and the Atlantic

Access weekly data and analysis reports of flows, broken down by refined product type and load or delivery port

For anyone with exposure to the refined products markets, it is essential to have an accurate, up-to-date view of waterborne movements across the globe. Genscape’s combination of industry expertise, AIS satellite data, and proprietary storage measurement data enables it to provide a comprehensive weekly report of flows, broken down by refined product type and load or delivery port.

Genscape’s weekly European Waterborne Products Report illuminates the flows in and out of Europe and the Baltic so that traders and analysts can better gauge global refined products markets.

The report is produced using Genscape Vesseltracker data, which boasts the most comprehensive and accurate data feed of global shipping, in order to follow cargoes loading in Europe and the Baltics to their final destinations. By carefully monitoring each vessel using AIS satellite technology, Genscape is able to accurately estimate true volumes of refined product flows to their final destinations.

GO/ULSD flows from ARA and Baltic


Delivery: Weekly PDF & corresponding Excel data

Frequency: Weekly 

Locations: Global

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Genscape's European Waterborne Products Report features:

  • Weekly commentary and analysis providing insights into observations of key trends and events
  • A comparison of net cargo flow measurements vs. Gencape’s proprietary storage data in ARA, which foreshadows the following week’s storage report
  • Data on refined product flows from the ARA and Baltic regions to key Trans-Atlantic terminals
  • An overview of future distillates and gasoline deliveries by country
  • Data on flows to West Africa (WAF) broken out by type
European Waterborne Refined Products Report
Insight to help you forecast price shifts & anticipate the arrival of crude from the Africa region

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With Genscape's European Waterborne Products Report, you will:

  • Find efficiency and cost savings with this comprehensive weekly dataset and report
  • Utilize Genscape’s breadth of proprietary data and trusted market intelligence to understand the activity of refined products across global markets
  • Support investment and trading decisions in refined products markets across the globe
  • Leverage Genscape’s proprietary, weekly measured ARA storage data
  • Get a more accurate review of clean product flows to and from Europe
European Waterborne Refined Products Report
Insight into Jones Act Vessel Movements & Waterborne Crude Imports
European Waterborne Refined Products Report
Understand the potential regional supply & price impacts of shifting West African crude flows