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Key insights into Oil, Natural Gas & NGL production and infrastructure in the Permian Basin

A comprehensive and complete view of Permian Basin activity every six weeks

Permian Basin Crude Quality

The Permian Basin is at the center of crude and natural gas production in the U.S., currently accounting for 29% of the nation’s oil production and 9% of the gas production, going to 42% and 13%, respectively, over the next 5 years. Using a combination of public and proprietary data and analysis for oil, natural gas, and NGLs, Genscape’s Permian Basin Analysis Report provides a comprehensive view of the nation’s most important Basin inside a single report.

We look at how economics are varied across the plays within the region, and we forecast rig activity based on the commodity prices and those economics. The rig forecast then leads to our oil, gas, and NGL production forecasts, which are impacted based on the regional infrastructure, which includes oil, gas, and NGL pipeline capacity, rail activity, and processing capacity and refining capacity in the region.


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Frequency: Monthly

Locations: North America

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Permian Basin Report

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Features of the Permian Basin Analysis Report:​​​

Oil Transportation Capacity vs. Production

  • 5 year production forecasts for oil, natural gas, and NGLs
  • 5 year rig forecast with a weekly rig report update
  • Infrastructure outlook for the region from all 3 hydrocarbon’s perspective
  • Review of the biggest impacts, risks, and assumptions in the Permian
  • Crude transportation, storage, and quality analysis
  • Natural Gas basis analysis, quality, and capacity overviews
  • NGL’s individual components deep dive (ethane, propane, butane, etc.)

The Report also answers these key questions:

  • Who are the top operators in the play?
  • What are the economic comparisons within the play?
  • How does hedging look in the play?

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Benefits of the Permian Basin Analysis Report:​​​​

  • Access one comprehensive and complete view of oil, natural gas, and NGLs in a single report
  • Get all the data behind the report in a single Excel file
  • Gain a snapshot look at the key details you need to know; including production across commodities and market views
  • Understand commodity constraints and implications and how these alleviate over time 
  • Confirm in-house analysis and bridge any gaps within production models
  • Access to analysts with extensive industry experience in analyzing basins

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