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Active in European coal markets? 

Coal Plant MonitorsThen gain deep and timely insight into European coal demand, by subscribing to Genscape’s European Coal Burn report.

Uniquely, this report gives users country burn estimates with meaningful comparables, across the major European coal consumers. In some cases, this data provides a three month time advantage versus what is subsequently published by European sources.

To build these valuable data sets the report utilises Genscape’s European wide network of proprietary power plant monitors. These show changing generation patterns across the European fuel stack and are a key data set for traders and analysts in the European power market. Our proprietary algorithm uses the data from the monitored coal subset to produce country level burn estimates. These are published each Monday using data measured from the preceding week.

Genscape studies have shown an extremely close correlation between our estimates and the public data sets, highlighting the report’s deep value to European coal professionals.





Delivery: Emailed PDF & CSV file

Frequency: Weekly

Locations: Europe

Subscribe: Call +31 20 524 4089

Europe Coal Burn Report free trial


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European Coal Burn Report subscribers receive:

  • Weekly PDF delivered via email
  • Total burn rates by country monitored comparing the current year to the previous year
  • Total burn, weekly change, yearly change and 4-week average for each country
  • Weekly CSV file with plant-by-plant burn and access to historical data
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Subscribers to the Coal Burn Report:

  • Access country burn estimates with meaningful comparables across major European coal consumers
  • Adapt coal marketing and buying strategies based on the most recently available information
  • Understand the extent to which natural gas may or may not be displacing coal fired generation
  • Get the best information available to understand coal versus gas switching
  • Get an early read on the drivers of coal and transportation company stocks


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Click here to download a sample of the European Coal Burn Report

EU Coal Burn Report Sample

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